Friday, December 13, 2013

Huffington Post's new manditory FB account link... censorship, Soup Nazi or just faking un- biased.....

I don't pretend to be any kind of journalist or some such thing as I am what I am and I call it as I see it period. As of late I have become very interested in politics or what ever it is that they do in Ottawa in that pretentious group of builds. My interest has grown so much that I now spend a fair bit of time every week trying to stay informed and after not that long, I discovered I'm not the only one that adamantly believes a bit to much jiggery-pokery is going and have started commenting on articles where I feel I may have something to contribute. With that said when I first started reading what Huff post writers and bloggers had to say I was intrigued and after a awhile I started commenting once I felt I new what was going on. At first all was fine and good I started gathering a bit of a following but as of late I have had to re-word my comments (make fluffy) or remarks so as not infer or imply anything other than how nice the clouds look today over ? to the point that there is virtually no reason in commenting at all unless you totally agree with said article or as I mentioned before comment on the pretty clouds overhead that has little to do with or allows the sharing opinion.

To me this kind of censorship is worse than mussleing journalists! Now a month or so back Huffintonpost changed the format of their comment section to allow for more "conversation"/censorship and pretty much as soon as they implemented this "new and improved" format my comments (that would be all of them) were now being screened for what exactly I'm not sure but I can't comment on the colour of a flower pedal with out the word police being all in my thesaurus which I suppose is ok-ish. I don't know about you but I am/was having trouble speaking my mind in a way that conveyed my point properly. Something funny (if you can call it that) happened....I almost completely stopped getting fav's on comments, no more new followers etc and it suddenly dawned on me that my posts were not being posted or were being buried....but that didn't/hasn't stopped me (I'm just that way!)

Can't say what your friends are like but most of mine from what history has shown me, they are not to interested in politics..... Or they keep their politics very close to their chest as it were......So "we" just don't talk about it as "its far to upsetting and they are already bitter" lol. What caused me to do this post is the following...
Today after reading an article on I was alerted to the fact that "NOW" in order to "like" or "fav" someone else's comment everything remains the same (no actual additional "verification"). On the other hand they "NOW" insist that you have to be linked to FB where ever word "you" type in the comment box on Huffpost will be posted to FB, apartently in the name of responsible conversation. Seems to me this is "Soup Nazi" type behaviour or perhaps more like censorship through peer pressure (idea being if you won't say it on FB you won't say it...which is sorta true). I will not make my friends or rather anymore of them, dump my FB feed as a result of's loosely veiled censorship through fear of personal reprisals. They suggest it will allow for responsible commenting but in my opinion it s a backdoor kind of censorship because they are going to post "ALL" of your past comments too I'm guessing on FB. So needless to say I know most of my friends have no interest in politics and you can be pretty sure this has nothing to do with responsible commenting more to do with tracking who says what about what....Sorry Huffingtonpost Canada but I'm not playing alienate your friends while making yourself a target on FB nor allow you to single me out...thanks but no thanks if you really want people's opinion then ask for them...but if you think your the censorship board think again...controlling what is said does not change opinion...just saying! free the words and allow for differing opinion which does (contrary to what you think) allow for constructive conversation. By trying to control opinion you are little more (to me) than a purveyor of political propaganda cira 19??.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Negotiating the Deal or wiring a bike don’t forget your/the fine print!

Negotiating the Wiring......

So fun with Bike wiring or what. long story short I have this xs650 that I’ve been looking at and poking at once in awhile. Now that most of the fabrication is finished I figured I should sort out the wiring. To start with its a 72 so its hard to find info specifically for it so I have had to try and figure out what what all the wires are for and what he things attached to are. No easy feat considering some things have no name or serial numbers on them.
Last night while staring blindly at the wires again (everything electrical works except for the indicators) wondering “what is it I’m not seeing?”. Its not like I haven’t done this before..(I suicided and shaved the door handles on my wife's “power everything” about wire!!!!) So this should be a breeze right...not!
Wanting to be safe I have replaced the turn signal lights with 9 diode superflux LEDs (super bright!). The problem is that the flasher relay seems to work but does not affect the lights....I had the tail light flashing though at one point so I can’t figure out why I can’t get the turn lights to blink. Turns out “the purveyor of said bike” assured me all the wiring/harness’s and various required electronic elements. What he didn’t tell me was this harness thing was from a different brand of bike and a 750, so none of the parts match...(although they may work they are not factory in anyway shape or form.
As it turns out there is a 'slight" (lol) issue on some older bikes in that they are not set up for LEDs as apparently there is not enough draw (from the LEDs) to pull the power to lite the I’m not sure how that works but that's the case it would appear...... what has any of this to do with working out a contra deal for art, well actually quite a bit. The deal in this case was a bike for a paint job....most of the paint job was done (except the actual painting part). Said purveyor of bike assured me that everything electrical worked...this deal ended up being a “making a point” kind of thing for me...(we both got what we wanted sorta so its all good-ish but)  The next time I do a contra type deal I will remember; 1) inspect all "deal" elements thoroughly, 2) don’t help allow the client to purchase too much (it’ll cost you in long run), 3) art has real $$$ costs so there “always, always,always!” has to be some in the mix (often to cover the short comings of said deal elements as its often not what it seems), 4) don’t “ever, ever, ever”, let the client pick your materials (to help keep the costs down) as its just not the same (this is a new one) and never turns out as well as it could have.
 I know all this but for some reason I have to remind my self.......
                                     Happy Arting!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013



While reading from one my fav web sources for info, the last week or so some interesting stuff appeared. Now here's some background...For many years now I have strived to produce thought inspiring,interesting, colorful, images and artworks. But this last little while I have noticed that our/my fellow socientans have absolutely no idea what is considered note worthy in the field of art, oooor maybe its just me! A month or two ago I saw an ad for the position of sculpture instructor and it kinda pissed me off. I think what it is/was , is that I have the skills but not the paper, and the more I thought about it (knowing lots of artists) I realized not many would fit the bill. None of the good artist I know have the paper either, so how would this (reputable) place find such a person to teach young impressionable minds?

When I first started doing art stuff I consciously decided to try and do what Warhol did (to create interesting stuff with everyday items) only I didn' want to sell crap just because I could come up with a good pitch/story , I wanted to do what I considered quality art. Recently I also read an article about how art has/is slowly moving away from skill to story or pitch under the guise of sophistication (thats my interpretation, of fine artists generally lack skills as in fine art looks like an unskilled kids "designed/produced" it) and I tend to agree. Digital art is well I'll share when I think I'm good enough with the tools to have an opinion.

What I read and saw shocked me! The art and images I saw really lacked skill (imho) and what folks were getting all excited about was well the equivalent to a grandma/pa getting all gooed up about G-childs first know "Panda photo ops" kinda thing. The art just really lacked... except for one artist that was producing or rather re-producing really complicated photo images (ie imagine painting shadows and high lites  to represent wrinkled up tin foil). Not an easy task but not impossible (just photo-real with heavy detail) and not original. Anyway the rest of the stories included a 3 year old with a Sony dslr camera that was the pride of his parents (and apparently all that witnessed his tiny greatness...except me)etc... Another artist was receiving great acclaim for some of their work, the example was an image, painted in dark rust/dark red colors. the image was basically a poorly painted window (canvas size) with 4 panes....And then there is the "fringe festival" and the act that involves 3 Mayo enemas......Now if that constitutes art there is something dreadfully wrong with what we perceive to be art.
"stolen from Wiki"     Wiktionary defines the noun 'artist' (Singular: artist; Plural: artists) as follows:
  1. A person who creates art.
  2. A person who creates art as an occupation.
  3. A person who is skilled at some activity.
The Oxford English Dictionary defines the older broad meanings of the term "artist":
  • A learned person or Master of Arts
  • One who pursues a practical science, traditionally medicineastrologyalchemychemistry
  • A follower of a pursuit in which skill comes by study or practice
  • A follower of a manual art, such as a mechanic
  • One who makes their craft a fine art
  • One who cultivates one of the fine arts – traditionally the arts presided over by the muses
A definition of Artist from creative person (a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination).

In today's obvious definition of artist "Skill" (especially) and "Imagination" have very little to do with art. I could go on about what I've seen. I suppose the most tragic thing is we the people haven't a clue really as to what constitutes art. Since we Anglos invaded North America  our society is made up of many groups of people with different ideas so our culture appears to be just about as mixed up. I grew up around artist type people and though I got it, guess not! I (silly me ) always thought that an artist was measured in their ability to manipulate required tools to produce desired effect. Picasso produced some weird stuff but before he did that he produced some stellar still life images (that incidentally got him exactly no-where). Oh ya another example of unskilled art....there was this guy that "designed " a stainless steel rectangular block about 20ft tall 3ft thick and 9 ft wide with a twist... it was installed in a park by a steel worker... In the newspaper of that town's story about the art piece no one cared about the "artist" because he just watched the welder fabricator.....the comments were a reflection of this..."why"   and then " I sure like the way the grind pattern is done/finished (again the weld/fab guy) It was pretty funny.... What this thing was suppose to represent I don't even remember it was that relevant.

All this just kinda makes you wonder if this is considered art then what do people like myself call ourselves.....and do I stop doing art and just talk about doing it and describing it for lay-people to make for me if I want to "still" call myself an artist? I talked to a gallery owner recently that was telling me all about this sculptor that does farm animals (predominantly horses) and then "has" them cast for her.... I think to truly call yourself "Artist" you must be able to produce whatever it is you do from start to finish "And" show skill  in the execution with the tools, along with originality in style at least.

                      One would like to think there are standards to be upheld....even if only out of respect for those that persevered before us....... As far as the teaching gig goes I feel it s better to just do and leave the teaching to the experts (with the paper) and I'd only show you how the tools work anyway so what would that be worth...

Friday, July 26, 2013

Stone carving: 1) not what I remember..........

           I've done a few carvings over the years and a recently (a yr ago lol) I went out to one of the old mine around here and found some nice looking stone. So I had taken a file with me so as not to grab anything to hard as I don't want to spend a month of Sundays working on a piece. Well it all looked good on paper...but not so much in reality...grrrr....I thought it would be a nice revitalising break from painting...hmmm

So there I am with my selection of chisels' grinders, hammers, files, air-chisels ect... and I have this one huge grinder that I call the beast (when its on the shear power/cyn force of this thing is unreal (its almost scary), and feels like it could just fly away), it was out too. I have a good look at this rock and come up with an idea and start in or rather try....Everything I brought out moves from one of the table to the other as I try different tools on this piece of "soapstone" but to no serious consequence..  So I will have to get some softer stone and maybe I can convince someone to show me where the soft stuff is. I'm no expert but I do know enough to be dangerous apparently and all my initial tests made me think this was the stuff. The last couple of pieces i did were from found stone as well and I had no problem. The only thing that did work were my air hammer/chisel and the "beast" .....only problem is I have a steel cutting blade on the beast and it was out of balance to boot so it was a nightmare holding onto it. If I go with an actual pneumatic stone carving chisel  setup instead of my air hammer chisels my guess is it will work out better and I won't wreck the chisel lol, nor the (not yet acquired) mason blade for the beast. By the way, when the "steel" cutting blade (lead edge) came apart it caught me in the foot and leg so remember; don't wear sandals choose work boots, put your safety goggles on as I did...

In the end I've learned you need a high cfm compressor if your going to use air tools as air consumption is quite a bit (and that is the way to go imho). You also need a really good dust mask (or fresh-air mask) as soapstone can have fun things in it like asbestos and that's really bad to breath in. But so is any ground stone/rock dust...can you say silicosis of the lung...(not much fun).Having the right tools (pneumatic) titanium/or carbide grinding bits are a bit pricey but they are second to none! To be safe, pic stone from a reputable dealer so you don't have the "hard stone" issue I just had unless of course you know something about stone. If the stone had been as soft as I had tested/thought it was I would have had it roughed out in far less time than it took to write this..... Any thoughts on soapstone turning hard? is the answer store in water? if so does it need to be dark as well?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Busy work & Canada’s Finest.

 So I’m a little off track with this art work lately since there is just so much outta whack in the world(I am working on something though actually a few things).
 Ok so in Canada if you “had” an issue with something you would grab some bristol/poster board from the drug store, an Industrial sized felt pen ....scribble your contempt of something on said board and hit the streets. (being mindful of traffic, horse drawn carriages, lawns private property etc...within reason of course)

So today/yesterday the coroners “Ruling “on the Polish guy’s (Robert Dzeikanski) death at the Vancouver airport in the arrivals area where the Cops tazered him (for brandishing a stapler) was published. The coroner rules that Roberts death at the hands of the RCMP a “homicide”. In the last few years there have been a few things like this happen. One street guy shot and killed, a result of two of our finest’s thinking that shooting him was the best way to disarm him... even though he was kneeling with his hands up (he was brandishing a box cutter and was mentally ill). Another disturbed individual holding up traffic waving a bicycle chain was shot to death.... sort of the same way (the tons of cops standing around could have easily over powered both these people).

Which brings me to this. This past Friday 3 adults and one 12yr old girl were arrested by (wait for it)................50 riot “geared up” police. They were being removed from their site of protest (A band office doorway). The/Their band (95% apparently) is/was protesting the councils lack of transparency and non inclusion in consultation re land and resource use.....and thus the 24hr a day protesting!
Also in the last few days another group of protesters..including a 74 yr old guy with cancer (now on hunger strike in jail).. again first nations people protesting lack of consultation and compensation for the expropriation of more of their lands/resources. (this time after winning the rights in what a farce)
Not to forget the folks in Quebec that were protesting...270 of them were arrested for unlawful assembly (they hadn’t really started their march yet and out of no where the guys geared up in riot gear appeared and just brutalized/manhandled all these people into paddy wagons and dragged them off to jail(and releasing them with a $600 fine). Unless this isn’t canada any more these arrests are un-constitutional. Not to exclude the g20/8 summit a few years back or the arrest (?) and detainment of a 20 yr old woman a few days ago for supposedly “uttering threats” against the Police spokesperson,”by” posting on instagram a photo of some “anti” police graffiti art (bust drawing of said spokes person with a supposed bullet hole in his forehead). Her release was dependant on her agreeing to stay at least 1 km away from the spokes person and or the police station until after her court date April 17. At least she’s getting a speedy trial before they lock this terrorist up (you don’t honestly think they are going to let a terrorist/criminal like her walk do you? why else the court date) Doesn't this all sound like busy know the kind of work teenagers do when you come into a room an hour or so after asking them to clean up a bit and it looks the same and the "ager"  (moving really fast) looks like you just woke them up.

Now do you remember back a month or so the Fed announced new laws/rules to make citizens arrest easier.        Well that sounds all fine and good right? catch some guy in your garage ripping off your tools and you some how just lock him in there and call the cops... or you see some one grab/steal something and you grab them and hold them for the police harm no foul you’d think right?
Wrong.......It sounded good though huh?
Well what it means is that now even a security guard can arrest and hold you (private police)....afraid yet...just wait a second....lets look at the simple rules law enforcement uses to detain you. You the citizen must be: in the process of committing, have just, or “might” in the future commit a crime. Ok how about now? That Tom cruise film where they arrest him for killing someone the day before...guess what that future is now. But....the national crime rate is actually on a downward trend and has been for a while. So to me the artist, that random guy just kinda observing everything..... it seems strange that Police would be all dressed up for the ball (in riot gear) with no one to arrest for anything unless perhaps a bunch of peaceful protesters...(?) I throw the ? in there because according to the media these"so called peaceful protesters" are thrown in with the likes of "the black block" (you know those guys dressed in black hoodies smashing stuff). If you watch some of the informative Docs on YouTube re the G20/8 summit a few years back ....well you'll see the bells of the ball are actually the police all 16000 of them. I really had trouble believing these were canadian police doing this.....It looked like some kinda "love in" interrupted by the police every once in a while plowing (really) into the crowd and dragging people out and stuffing them into vans and vanishing (not to mention the brutality of how they were dragged or plowed over)..

I'll shut up now and get back to work/art ..but really...         Are there no more substantial reasons and targets for the police to be worried about than "Peaceful Protesters". I can think of a few...and besides aren't protests something our elected MP's/MLA's are suppose to deal know the voice of the people and all that... To me spending all that obvious $$$ on armoured personnel carriers and riot gear stuff is in support of "Make/Busy Work...You know the kind .
 When the police of canada get back to their real job I think in all fairness there will be alot of them in Ottawa, and I'm pretty sure they will all be very Busy and Occupied for some time..
                         Have you noticed "to Serve & Protect" isn't in production anymore.

Just sayin!
(this posts material inspired by the "Had a Right Dept" of Steven Harpers "Canadian Federal Government" paid for, "By You For You”!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Does the Canadian Government need an eNeMa? or is it a First Nations Copyright issue

     Yes, yes, I know this is suppose to be about art and it really is, this installment is about the art of crowd control all stealthy trench coat like and everything or maybe its just copyright issues.....

So Chief Spence has given up her funger strike and it would appear that anyone not a part of the conservative government in Canada (except +Terry Milewski,
   Terry gets Banok slapped by Bob  ) is ready to roll up their sleeves and get down to business and get these treaty's honored. I have a await and see attitude though based on what people are saying. In the last few weeks I have watched patiently to see some any direction but so far all I have seen is a whole lot of posing and talking, nothing different from the usual suspects.
               What bothers me the most, is that most if not all parties keep speaking the language of puppets when the camera turns to them (+Bob Ray was an exception...Thursday...good on you Bob!)  +Elder Raymond Robinson does a great job of explaining what the treaty's mean to him and his people (he was a funger/hunger striker too) So far I'd say Bob and Raymond are the exceptions in the last week or so ( if you didn't see it live you probably didn't see either of these clips

               As an artist I have always bounced to the tune of a different rubber band than most folks. But still I wonder where everyone is when I view the various different "Idle No More" round dances/marches/protests on tv. Maybe its the camera angle or maybe just its just subversion, I can't believe that many people watch Sun News. Are we Canadians really that asleep that we can't see what's really going on? Now I like to read (not sure about you yet) and in the last few months I have devoured many a book. Two recent (to me) books stand out in my mind at this time in history, Ayn Rands book "Atlas Shrugged" and a new one I just finished tonight - "SilEnt WeApons for qUite wArS" (author unknown)  Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars     A must read for anyone with a pulse.... as it sounds like a recipe for Nazi-ism anywhere anytime any's truly frightening...Ever hear of Singularity well its the plan that Anon's the world over are trying to ultimately stop.

    . I'm just an artist but I'll tell you something terrible is up with bill c-11 & c-45. This SW4QW really seems/ed to be some kinda of method manual for subversion and subsequent control of the masses(insert ominous laugh here), it even suggests some of the little events (tests) we have seen in the last couple of weeks, months , years. example;  big expansion in the oil patch (new bigger airport too) but the prem of Alberta says on the news this past week there is going to be a shortage of oil (or something?????WTF). Could it be more look over here (misinformation) tactics... I mean why would china want a piece of a dying dirty industry????

     . Society was told Teslas was nuts and was perhaps even dangerous. Ya ok look around your house and think about that for a see that power pad your electronic device is sitting on, or the cordless tv? Well do you ever remember an "arms in the air like you just don't care" moment in the last few decades telling us about this great "new" EMF technology? I don't, and I think I would remember something like that. Seems to me that it is quite possible perhaps then that Tesla was right or at least more than on to something...around a hundred yrs ago!!!...I mean H3LL those guys came up with light bulbs (I'm going somewhere with this)

   . In 1919 a Japanese guy invents meth in a lab  History of Meth  Along comes WW2 and apparently the Japanese and Germans used it to keep awake and alert etc...not sure about drugs & the Allies but it would seem they used these techniques described in SW4QW this idea/manual. Its also not much of a stretch to draw a parallel to Germany's "final solution" for members of their society. I could describe a few allies  examples too but the Germany example is "generally" accepted true. Its all covered in this manual, "you know your soaking in it"

   From 1920-33 the US had a prohibition of alcohol...what did people do?   they drank even more...
In early 1900 society was beginning to blame their crime issues on the consumers of Opium, if you study addiction (imho) it shows that the laws about drug use are actually the reason for any/alot of subsequent crime and in actuality addicts can and have proven to have great value in society. So it again would seem  the short of it is that the laws that forbid drugs or dandelions are actually the root of the actual problem. China had a big problem with opium exporters and Canada wanted to help so they made drugs illegal making it that much more of lucrative business. The simple solution is a version of legal with no overhead thus removing as much potential to make it a money venture and thus effectively removing most of the criminal element... I would think the import export part of it at least. (anti-logic). Once you take the taboo out of it a bunch of people will get carried away and probably die but my guess is the numbers would level out relatively soon if you could have/grow it , use it but not sell it. I think  It would remove the availability of the drug by taking the big money out.  no money = no product,.. who works for free? You could perhaps do the same thing with booze (did I say that). Make, to much fun, to much work! logic I think or balance? (jmho) 1986 Ron & Nancy declare war on drugs..War on Drugs..look at Mexico now!

So November 2012 +Chief Spence of  +Attawapiskat fame goes on a funger strike in support of a group of 3 First Nations and one Anglo (I think) Canadian women known as +Idle No More. With the now added support Chief and then followed by a few more impassioned Chiefs the group soon swells to thousands and then sprouts side groups all in support of the need for the Canadian Government make good on some 200 plus year old deals. The PM says he won't meet with Chief Spence but she can talk to the minister in charge. She basically says nice try but if that's how you feel we will up the protest and wait til you change your mind. A week or so goes by and the PM changes his mind, and spends an after noon hanging with a few Chiefs that bit. They talk about all the great things they can talk about at their next meeting to be determined later where they will again talk about all the great things they are going to talk about later..sometime down the road.
In Canada there is a misconception that somehow tax payer's dollars goes to First Nations people and there it is just wasted
So here we are in 2013 and this misconception is still being waved around like a dead cat. It has to be very apparent to all Canadians (unless they live under a rock) that the Federal Government of Canada (who now shamelessly has enlisted the media in a very blatant way) is up to something rather sinister. And you just know that something is wrong when protesters are gathered in the name of issues regarding public safety health and welfare and oddly enough that's the police's reasoning for removing protesters, kinda makes ya think hmmm.... I found the more I read SW4QW the more whats going on, here now, and around the world makes sense. We have agreed at some point to a police state with no rights. If you ask a cop their legal grounds for action against the protesters they usually say "Public Safety"they really can't answer what legal grounds they have to do anything to anybody
   let alone the protesters (police not really knowing to much is part of the plan which allows them to be more brutal and dumb thug like) show me an example of how its not like that and I'll show you many more that prove it is(ignorance is bliss if your a cop in Canada).  Silent Weapons for Silent Wars is the most profound 40 plus pages of literature I have ever read and it affects everyone everywhere except I suppose Iceland....I have only found one example of some kind of success against this populous control misinformation, resulting in consented slavery gone wrong.

Iceland saw a problem a few years back and with a bit of pain it would appear they are free-ish and some real bums went to jail (maybe not the biggest ones but enough to make the start of a big change.

I claim to know nothing about American politics but this vid sums up how alot of people in Iceland felt and those sentiments seem to be spreading in Canada and in the US.     Insert Canada in place of all American references and add "What if we just gutted our systems of Government and Banking from the ground up and fix it so it worked for all instead of the few!
But what do I know, I'm just an artist that thinks we are so screwed if we/all the people of Canada, don't do something rash and soon! What do you think? Don't just blindly believe what I'm saying...follow the links I posted read the info while its still accessible and don't forget to post an opinion (bill c-11 might allow the info to be blocked ie;copyright infringement etc..roflmao) Does the Canadian Government need an enema or is it just a First Nation's copyright issue?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Did Steven Harper really say" let them eat cake"

      The trouble with Canada is that back in the 70's we still had a glowing reputation (according to my recollection anyway).The world has had such a high opinion of us in the grand skeam of things I wonder what went wrong?
      A couple days ago I finished a book called "Atlas Shrugged" not sure whether it was suppose to melt my mind or expand it but one thing is for sure it really seemed to describe today on the planet. Now this book has some interesting idea's and it stops just short of where society is in this part of the world is. The elements in the book are not the same but the parralels are uncanny, even though it was written in 1957. Apparently Atlas Shrugged was quite popular and was thought of as Objectavist "propaganda" whatever that is. The book isn't really about John Galt but more about us. We used to think, produce, and make things. We still do sorta or at least some of us do but I'm getting off track.
     Here in Canada our government is in a tough situation with the potential for some serious trouble if they are not carefully respectful to and of, our indigenous peoples. Mr. Harper our prime minister all of a sudden (200plus years in the making)  has a problem in that the First Nations people made deals with our past leaders, and our leaders have purposely (in the near and far past) and perhaps even geocidally done their  best to screw glue and tattoo these indigenous people's into none existence. Let alone not honour their end of the deal, from the beginning. With the "Arab Spring" fun and games,jiggery pokery of gun law people (I gotta say in the US you can have virtually any kinda of gun known to man to protect yourself and carry it concealed in some cases, and yet some guy all dressed up and packing some pretty heavy fire power walks into a movie theater and whacks a bunch people and no one shoots back????? Locks are for honest people and armed guards in banks didn't stop bank robberies,nuf said). Ever hear of  "Idle No More"?
     This past holiday season Chief Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat went on a hunger strike because she basically ask the Government for some more Gruel for her band and they told her to "let them eat cake" basically... (actually it was housing but the results were the same). Now a while back four women got together? and came up with "Idle No More" (First Nations people's answer to the term" Mad as hell and not gonna take it any more", I don't blame them when you look at the real issues) It would seem that these INM people were going around and teaching fellow FN people and anyone else that cared to listen about what the Canadian Government had in store for them long haul. The more people they spoke to the more people began to think "hey your right! my hind quarters do seem to feel a little raw" but still a good number of folks are still responding to government rape by yelling "Thank you sir may I have another" I don't think that will persist though, considering one day last year we had "thousands" of lakes, streams and rivers and as if by magic we had less than 800 and thats just the start. Oh ya and we just penned a deal with China so they could, en mass and have a go at us too. We'll see how that goes but I don't think it will be pretty....
     In a few hours Mr.Harper, his body guards, the Governor General (the Queens rep) and his body guards, Chief Spence, Shaun Atleo (Canadian Grand Chief), and all of, some of, or none of the other chiefs are going to meet,or not at all. It would seem from the governments position, to do some more discussing about what can be done about the deplorable living conditions First Nations people have to endure, or was it the general lack of ingredients to make "black bread". In all likely hood the First Nation's people in all shapes and forms are" Idle No More". Like me I'm sure they have spent alot of time (my guess is a few hundred years) sitting with a phone jammed in their ear waiting for the "department of Indian affairs "  to come back to the office from coffee and take them off hold so they can get on with business. But since they have been on hold again for a year they just figured they'd come down to the office and see how its possible for 6000 government employees to be at coffee all day for a year, every year.
      Mr. Harper and his gang of merry looters are going to make history in the next few hours, and when his term as Prime Minster is up, actually by the end of the day "he" will have decided whether he wants to be remembered as a "HERO" or a "LOOTING ZERO".  It doesn't matter who's responsible for making it what it is. you wanted the job. now you got it, make it work..... First Nations people (sorry to break that to ya) are the first "Turtle Islanders", you might know it as Canada, but they were there/here first or at least before us.....So lets do the right thing by them and maybe by accident we might get our seat back at the UN big boys table....we know, you know, how to behave like a big boy, and we know, you know, what "respect your elders" means and since that,s how you want to be treated, act respectable your making us look bad.