Friday, January 11, 2013

Did Steven Harper really say" let them eat cake"

      The trouble with Canada is that back in the 70's we still had a glowing reputation (according to my recollection anyway).The world has had such a high opinion of us in the grand skeam of things I wonder what went wrong?
      A couple days ago I finished a book called "Atlas Shrugged" not sure whether it was suppose to melt my mind or expand it but one thing is for sure it really seemed to describe today on the planet. Now this book has some interesting idea's and it stops just short of where society is in this part of the world is. The elements in the book are not the same but the parralels are uncanny, even though it was written in 1957. Apparently Atlas Shrugged was quite popular and was thought of as Objectavist "propaganda" whatever that is. The book isn't really about John Galt but more about us. We used to think, produce, and make things. We still do sorta or at least some of us do but I'm getting off track.
     Here in Canada our government is in a tough situation with the potential for some serious trouble if they are not carefully respectful to and of, our indigenous peoples. Mr. Harper our prime minister all of a sudden (200plus years in the making)  has a problem in that the First Nations people made deals with our past leaders, and our leaders have purposely (in the near and far past) and perhaps even geocidally done their  best to screw glue and tattoo these indigenous people's into none existence. Let alone not honour their end of the deal, from the beginning. With the "Arab Spring" fun and games,jiggery pokery of gun law people (I gotta say in the US you can have virtually any kinda of gun known to man to protect yourself and carry it concealed in some cases, and yet some guy all dressed up and packing some pretty heavy fire power walks into a movie theater and whacks a bunch people and no one shoots back????? Locks are for honest people and armed guards in banks didn't stop bank robberies,nuf said). Ever hear of  "Idle No More"?
     This past holiday season Chief Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat went on a hunger strike because she basically ask the Government for some more Gruel for her band and they told her to "let them eat cake" basically... (actually it was housing but the results were the same). Now a while back four women got together? and came up with "Idle No More" (First Nations people's answer to the term" Mad as hell and not gonna take it any more", I don't blame them when you look at the real issues) It would seem that these INM people were going around and teaching fellow FN people and anyone else that cared to listen about what the Canadian Government had in store for them long haul. The more people they spoke to the more people began to think "hey your right! my hind quarters do seem to feel a little raw" but still a good number of folks are still responding to government rape by yelling "Thank you sir may I have another" I don't think that will persist though, considering one day last year we had "thousands" of lakes, streams and rivers and as if by magic we had less than 800 and thats just the start. Oh ya and we just penned a deal with China so they could, en mass and have a go at us too. We'll see how that goes but I don't think it will be pretty....
     In a few hours Mr.Harper, his body guards, the Governor General (the Queens rep) and his body guards, Chief Spence, Shaun Atleo (Canadian Grand Chief), and all of, some of, or none of the other chiefs are going to meet,or not at all. It would seem from the governments position, to do some more discussing about what can be done about the deplorable living conditions First Nations people have to endure, or was it the general lack of ingredients to make "black bread". In all likely hood the First Nation's people in all shapes and forms are" Idle No More". Like me I'm sure they have spent alot of time (my guess is a few hundred years) sitting with a phone jammed in their ear waiting for the "department of Indian affairs "  to come back to the office from coffee and take them off hold so they can get on with business. But since they have been on hold again for a year they just figured they'd come down to the office and see how its possible for 6000 government employees to be at coffee all day for a year, every year.
      Mr. Harper and his gang of merry looters are going to make history in the next few hours, and when his term as Prime Minster is up, actually by the end of the day "he" will have decided whether he wants to be remembered as a "HERO" or a "LOOTING ZERO".  It doesn't matter who's responsible for making it what it is. you wanted the job. now you got it, make it work..... First Nations people (sorry to break that to ya) are the first "Turtle Islanders", you might know it as Canada, but they were there/here first or at least before us.....So lets do the right thing by them and maybe by accident we might get our seat back at the UN big boys table....we know, you know, how to behave like a big boy, and we know, you know, what "respect your elders" means and since that,s how you want to be treated, act respectable your making us look bad.

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