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Does the Canadian Government need an eNeMa? or is it a First Nations Copyright issue

     Yes, yes, I know this is suppose to be about art and it really is, this installment is about the art of crowd control all stealthy trench coat like and everything or maybe its just copyright issues.....

So Chief Spence has given up her funger strike and it would appear that anyone not a part of the conservative government in Canada (except +Terry Milewski,
   Terry gets Banok slapped by Bob  ) is ready to roll up their sleeves and get down to business and get these treaty's honored. I have a await and see attitude though based on what people are saying. In the last few weeks I have watched patiently to see some any direction but so far all I have seen is a whole lot of posing and talking, nothing different from the usual suspects.
               What bothers me the most, is that most if not all parties keep speaking the language of puppets when the camera turns to them (+Bob Ray was an exception...Thursday...good on you Bob!)  +Elder Raymond Robinson does a great job of explaining what the treaty's mean to him and his people (he was a funger/hunger striker too) So far I'd say Bob and Raymond are the exceptions in the last week or so ( if you didn't see it live you probably didn't see either of these clips

               As an artist I have always bounced to the tune of a different rubber band than most folks. But still I wonder where everyone is when I view the various different "Idle No More" round dances/marches/protests on tv. Maybe its the camera angle or maybe just its just subversion, I can't believe that many people watch Sun News. Are we Canadians really that asleep that we can't see what's really going on? Now I like to read (not sure about you yet) and in the last few months I have devoured many a book. Two recent (to me) books stand out in my mind at this time in history, Ayn Rands book "Atlas Shrugged" and a new one I just finished tonight - "SilEnt WeApons for qUite wArS" (author unknown)  Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars     A must read for anyone with a pulse.... as it sounds like a recipe for Nazi-ism anywhere anytime any's truly frightening...Ever hear of Singularity well its the plan that Anon's the world over are trying to ultimately stop.

    . I'm just an artist but I'll tell you something terrible is up with bill c-11 & c-45. This SW4QW really seems/ed to be some kinda of method manual for subversion and subsequent control of the masses(insert ominous laugh here), it even suggests some of the little events (tests) we have seen in the last couple of weeks, months , years. example;  big expansion in the oil patch (new bigger airport too) but the prem of Alberta says on the news this past week there is going to be a shortage of oil (or something?????WTF). Could it be more look over here (misinformation) tactics... I mean why would china want a piece of a dying dirty industry????

     . Society was told Teslas was nuts and was perhaps even dangerous. Ya ok look around your house and think about that for a see that power pad your electronic device is sitting on, or the cordless tv? Well do you ever remember an "arms in the air like you just don't care" moment in the last few decades telling us about this great "new" EMF technology? I don't, and I think I would remember something like that. Seems to me that it is quite possible perhaps then that Tesla was right or at least more than on to something...around a hundred yrs ago!!!...I mean H3LL those guys came up with light bulbs (I'm going somewhere with this)

   . In 1919 a Japanese guy invents meth in a lab  History of Meth  Along comes WW2 and apparently the Japanese and Germans used it to keep awake and alert etc...not sure about drugs & the Allies but it would seem they used these techniques described in SW4QW this idea/manual. Its also not much of a stretch to draw a parallel to Germany's "final solution" for members of their society. I could describe a few allies  examples too but the Germany example is "generally" accepted true. Its all covered in this manual, "you know your soaking in it"

   From 1920-33 the US had a prohibition of alcohol...what did people do?   they drank even more...
In early 1900 society was beginning to blame their crime issues on the consumers of Opium, if you study addiction (imho) it shows that the laws about drug use are actually the reason for any/alot of subsequent crime and in actuality addicts can and have proven to have great value in society. So it again would seem  the short of it is that the laws that forbid drugs or dandelions are actually the root of the actual problem. China had a big problem with opium exporters and Canada wanted to help so they made drugs illegal making it that much more of lucrative business. The simple solution is a version of legal with no overhead thus removing as much potential to make it a money venture and thus effectively removing most of the criminal element... I would think the import export part of it at least. (anti-logic). Once you take the taboo out of it a bunch of people will get carried away and probably die but my guess is the numbers would level out relatively soon if you could have/grow it , use it but not sell it. I think  It would remove the availability of the drug by taking the big money out.  no money = no product,.. who works for free? You could perhaps do the same thing with booze (did I say that). Make, to much fun, to much work! logic I think or balance? (jmho) 1986 Ron & Nancy declare war on drugs..War on Drugs..look at Mexico now!

So November 2012 +Chief Spence of  +Attawapiskat fame goes on a funger strike in support of a group of 3 First Nations and one Anglo (I think) Canadian women known as +Idle No More. With the now added support Chief and then followed by a few more impassioned Chiefs the group soon swells to thousands and then sprouts side groups all in support of the need for the Canadian Government make good on some 200 plus year old deals. The PM says he won't meet with Chief Spence but she can talk to the minister in charge. She basically says nice try but if that's how you feel we will up the protest and wait til you change your mind. A week or so goes by and the PM changes his mind, and spends an after noon hanging with a few Chiefs that bit. They talk about all the great things they can talk about at their next meeting to be determined later where they will again talk about all the great things they are going to talk about later..sometime down the road.
In Canada there is a misconception that somehow tax payer's dollars goes to First Nations people and there it is just wasted
So here we are in 2013 and this misconception is still being waved around like a dead cat. It has to be very apparent to all Canadians (unless they live under a rock) that the Federal Government of Canada (who now shamelessly has enlisted the media in a very blatant way) is up to something rather sinister. And you just know that something is wrong when protesters are gathered in the name of issues regarding public safety health and welfare and oddly enough that's the police's reasoning for removing protesters, kinda makes ya think hmmm.... I found the more I read SW4QW the more whats going on, here now, and around the world makes sense. We have agreed at some point to a police state with no rights. If you ask a cop their legal grounds for action against the protesters they usually say "Public Safety"they really can't answer what legal grounds they have to do anything to anybody
   let alone the protesters (police not really knowing to much is part of the plan which allows them to be more brutal and dumb thug like) show me an example of how its not like that and I'll show you many more that prove it is(ignorance is bliss if your a cop in Canada).  Silent Weapons for Silent Wars is the most profound 40 plus pages of literature I have ever read and it affects everyone everywhere except I suppose Iceland....I have only found one example of some kind of success against this populous control misinformation, resulting in consented slavery gone wrong.

Iceland saw a problem a few years back and with a bit of pain it would appear they are free-ish and some real bums went to jail (maybe not the biggest ones but enough to make the start of a big change.

I claim to know nothing about American politics but this vid sums up how alot of people in Iceland felt and those sentiments seem to be spreading in Canada and in the US.     Insert Canada in place of all American references and add "What if we just gutted our systems of Government and Banking from the ground up and fix it so it worked for all instead of the few!
But what do I know, I'm just an artist that thinks we are so screwed if we/all the people of Canada, don't do something rash and soon! What do you think? Don't just blindly believe what I'm saying...follow the links I posted read the info while its still accessible and don't forget to post an opinion (bill c-11 might allow the info to be blocked ie;copyright infringement etc..roflmao) Does the Canadian Government need an enema or is it just a First Nation's copyright issue?

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