Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Busy work & Canada’s Finest.

 So I’m a little off track with this art work lately since there is just so much outta whack in the world(I am working on something though actually a few things).
 Ok so in Canada if you “had” an issue with something you would grab some bristol/poster board from the drug store, an Industrial sized felt pen ....scribble your contempt of something on said board and hit the streets. (being mindful of traffic, horse drawn carriages, lawns private property etc...within reason of course)

So today/yesterday the coroners “Ruling “on the Polish guy’s (Robert Dzeikanski) death at the Vancouver airport in the arrivals area where the Cops tazered him (for brandishing a stapler) was published. The coroner rules that Roberts death at the hands of the RCMP a “homicide”. In the last few years there have been a few things like this happen. One street guy shot and killed, a result of two of our finest’s thinking that shooting him was the best way to disarm him... even though he was kneeling with his hands up (he was brandishing a box cutter and was mentally ill). Another disturbed individual holding up traffic waving a bicycle chain was shot to death.... sort of the same way (the tons of cops standing around could have easily over powered both these people).

Which brings me to this. This past Friday 3 adults and one 12yr old girl were arrested by (wait for it)................50 riot “geared up” police. They were being removed from their site of protest (A band office doorway). The/Their band (95% apparently) is/was protesting the councils lack of transparency and non inclusion in consultation re land and resource use.....and thus the 24hr a day protesting!
Also in the last few days another group of protesters..including a 74 yr old guy with cancer (now on hunger strike in jail).. again first nations people protesting lack of consultation and compensation for the expropriation of more of their lands/resources. (this time after winning the rights in court..lol what a farce)
Not to forget the folks in Quebec that were protesting...270 of them were arrested for unlawful assembly (they hadn’t really started their march yet and out of no where the guys geared up in riot gear appeared and just brutalized/manhandled all these people into paddy wagons and dragged them off to jail(and releasing them with a $600 fine). Unless this isn’t canada any more these arrests are un-constitutional. Not to exclude the g20/8 summit a few years back or the arrest (?) and detainment of a 20 yr old woman a few days ago for supposedly “uttering threats” against the Police spokesperson,”by” posting on instagram a photo of some “anti” police graffiti art (bust drawing of said spokes person with a supposed bullet hole in his forehead). Her release was dependant on her agreeing to stay at least 1 km away from the spokes person and or the police station until after her court date April 17. At least she’s getting a speedy trial before they lock this terrorist up (you don’t honestly think they are going to let a terrorist/criminal like her walk do you? why else the court date) Doesn't this all sound like busy work...you know the kind of work teenagers do when you come into a room an hour or so after asking them to clean up a bit and it looks the same and the "ager"  (moving really fast) looks like you just woke them up.

Now do you remember back a month or so the Fed announced new laws/rules to make citizens arrest easier.        Well that sounds all fine and good right?          ...you catch some guy in your garage ripping off your tools and you some how just lock him in there and call the cops... or you see some one grab/steal something and you grab them and hold them for the police right...no harm no foul you’d think right?
Wrong.......It sounded good though huh?
Well what it means is that now even a security guard can arrest and hold you (private police)....afraid yet...just wait a second....lets look at the simple rules law enforcement uses to detain you. You the citizen must be: in the process of committing, have just, or “might” in the future commit a crime. Ok how about now? That Tom cruise film where they arrest him for killing someone the day before...guess what that future is now. But....the national crime rate is actually on a downward trend and has been for a while. So to me the artist, that random guy just kinda observing everything..... it seems strange that Police would be all dressed up for the ball (in riot gear) with no one to arrest for anything unless perhaps a bunch of peaceful protesters...(?) I throw the ? in there because according to the media these"so called peaceful protesters" are thrown in with the likes of "the black block" (you know those guys dressed in black hoodies smashing stuff). If you watch some of the informative Docs on YouTube re the G20/8 summit a few years back ....well you'll see the bells of the ball are actually the police all 16000 of them. I really had trouble believing these were canadian police doing this.....It looked like some kinda "love in" interrupted by the police every once in a while plowing (really) into the crowd and dragging people out and stuffing them into vans and vanishing (not to mention the brutality of how they were dragged or plowed over)..

I'll shut up now and get back to work/art ..but really...         Are there no more substantial reasons and targets for the police to be worried about than "Peaceful Protesters". I can think of a few...and besides aren't protests something our elected MP's/MLA's are suppose to deal with..you know the voice of the people and all that... To me spending all that obvious $$$ on armoured personnel carriers and riot gear stuff is in support of "Make/Busy Work...You know the kind .
 When the police of canada get back to their real job I think in all fairness there will be alot of them in Ottawa, and I'm pretty sure they will all be very Busy and Occupied for some time..
                         Have you noticed "to Serve & Protect" isn't in production anymore.

Just sayin!
(this posts material inspired by the "Had a Right Dept" of Steven Harpers "Canadian Federal Government" paid for, "By You For You”!

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