Friday, December 13, 2013

Huffington Post's new manditory FB account link... censorship, Soup Nazi or just faking un- biased.....

I don't pretend to be any kind of journalist or some such thing as I am what I am and I call it as I see it period. As of late I have become very interested in politics or what ever it is that they do in Ottawa in that pretentious group of builds. My interest has grown so much that I now spend a fair bit of time every week trying to stay informed and after not that long, I discovered I'm not the only one that adamantly believes a bit to much jiggery-pokery is going and have started commenting on articles where I feel I may have something to contribute. With that said when I first started reading what Huff post writers and bloggers had to say I was intrigued and after a awhile I started commenting once I felt I new what was going on. At first all was fine and good I started gathering a bit of a following but as of late I have had to re-word my comments (make fluffy) or remarks so as not infer or imply anything other than how nice the clouds look today over ? to the point that there is virtually no reason in commenting at all unless you totally agree with said article or as I mentioned before comment on the pretty clouds overhead that has little to do with or allows the sharing opinion.

To me this kind of censorship is worse than mussleing journalists! Now a month or so back Huffintonpost changed the format of their comment section to allow for more "conversation"/censorship and pretty much as soon as they implemented this "new and improved" format my comments (that would be all of them) were now being screened for what exactly I'm not sure but I can't comment on the colour of a flower pedal with out the word police being all in my thesaurus which I suppose is ok-ish. I don't know about you but I am/was having trouble speaking my mind in a way that conveyed my point properly. Something funny (if you can call it that) happened....I almost completely stopped getting fav's on comments, no more new followers etc and it suddenly dawned on me that my posts were not being posted or were being buried....but that didn't/hasn't stopped me (I'm just that way!)

Can't say what your friends are like but most of mine from what history has shown me, they are not to interested in politics..... Or they keep their politics very close to their chest as it were......So "we" just don't talk about it as "its far to upsetting and they are already bitter" lol. What caused me to do this post is the following...
Today after reading an article on I was alerted to the fact that "NOW" in order to "like" or "fav" someone else's comment everything remains the same (no actual additional "verification"). On the other hand they "NOW" insist that you have to be linked to FB where ever word "you" type in the comment box on Huffpost will be posted to FB, apartently in the name of responsible conversation. Seems to me this is "Soup Nazi" type behaviour or perhaps more like censorship through peer pressure (idea being if you won't say it on FB you won't say it...which is sorta true). I will not make my friends or rather anymore of them, dump my FB feed as a result of's loosely veiled censorship through fear of personal reprisals. They suggest it will allow for responsible commenting but in my opinion it s a backdoor kind of censorship because they are going to post "ALL" of your past comments too I'm guessing on FB. So needless to say I know most of my friends have no interest in politics and you can be pretty sure this has nothing to do with responsible commenting more to do with tracking who says what about what....Sorry Huffingtonpost Canada but I'm not playing alienate your friends while making yourself a target on FB nor allow you to single me out...thanks but no thanks if you really want people's opinion then ask for them...but if you think your the censorship board think again...controlling what is said does not change opinion...just saying! free the words and allow for differing opinion which does (contrary to what you think) allow for constructive conversation. By trying to control opinion you are little more (to me) than a purveyor of political propaganda cira 19??.

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