Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Speeding the Net Slowly, Choked by the Oppresive Panicked Network Monsters

Seems to me that we in the west have this pie in the sky idea that we can control the future, change when we want, dictate who what and how it's done. enmass. Who makes the discision is not up to us, contrary to what we want and how we behave. At our house we had satelite tv set up but when cash started to get tight we axed it and at first we weren't happy. I'm sure we aren't the only ones that felt that way. We have cable internet and have web based businesses. One day I went lookin for a radio station sort of thing to listen to while I worked with no luck. Instead I found a channel with its plithora of content, a way more enjoyable and convenient to only watch what we want, when we want, sans the commercials. (let me change that, I was just tuning into my fav net radio station and I was forced to listen/WATCH a commercial...What the the helllllll it wasn't like that 4 hours ago, they found us..... Run everybody we are being tracked).
Soon, if not already, we can use cell technology and skip the cable/phone line tether all together. But thats a whole different ball of wax. M T Frie's observations/comments, relay the message that "the monsters (big conventioal networks) are affraid that they may have to give things away" like rich content with no filler like the rest of us for a share. I don't know him (Mr.Frie) personally so I don't know for sure were he's coming from exactly and who's side he's on. From what I've read though, his thoughts are spot on in regards to cable companies fears of us migrating from cable and satalite t.v. These monster media companies are going to have to do something rash and right now or they will be in the same boat as the auto industry and in the last 4 hours it looks like they have. I don't need a monster media conglomerate over charging me, T.V. was free when I was a kid as were commercials. Now if it was me I'd start setting it up now as though the market was gone, drop my prices grab a larger share of the market and reinvest in new technologies and make it happen, and just deal with it. Rather than the "wait and see" or "drag it out" approach, because if they don't then they'll have no control at all as and then watch them loose money. I wish more people had integrity in what and how they do things.Some do. Bruce "the BOSS" did he sued and won against the tix agent. So did Charlie Pride, he opposed gouging and took a stand. He flew to Leduc Alberta Canada to refund the difference in the price a fan had to pay for tix to his show. The tix were $60.00 each but she (the fan) had to pay $1200.00 to the reseller, it wasn't even a scalper out side the show. Talk about "Rude". So the monster changes his clothes opens an other window and sells with his left hand what he bought from his right. Stupid Rabbit tricks are for magic shows and kids. At this rate I soon won't be able to afford to view my own paintings and sculpture. Did you know that in Japan you can stream info at 50mbps for I think about 40bucks a month through the same gage cable (and/or phone line I think) your router or modem is useing to view this blog. I have nothing against anybody making money, and I kinda like ads, in fact I"ve designed lots of them,(being an artist designer and all) but I have not, and short of a dreadful accident will not, ever need to decide what tampons to use, lipstck to buy, or what yeast infection suppository I might need.
But I might be interested in a..........but they lost me and P**SED me off at the same time...... if only I had a choice in which commercials to view and didn't feel like I was being dragged down or choked off.

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